Thanks to everyone that responded to the survey and congratulations to Anjana M who won the 30 minute session with me.  It is great to hear that 61% of respondent are pretty happy with their lives, but 39% of folks aren’t very happy at all and some are really struggling.   So what can we do to boost up everyone to a level that they would really like? See my steps at the bottom of this email for what to do when you are struggling.  And yes, I’ve been  in both really happy and really struggling in my life too. Sometimes I’ve even been in both places in the same day.

Question: Are you happy with your life right now?

Whether you are happy or you are struggling, what would you like to change or create in your life?  Would you like to explore how we could create that together with one-on-one sessions?  I’m offering, for the first 20 people, a 10 minute complementary speed session. In this session, you’ll see if working personally with me will speed that creation for you. During this session you’ll receive 2 steps customized for you that you can use right now to start creating that change.

Click this link to schedule your session today.

And if you are struggling, here are my 5 steps to start changing that now.

1- Acknowledge that things are tough. Trying to pretend things aren’t tough or that you shouldn’t feel this way can put you in a double bind and can stick you in a disempowered place.
2- Play the Crisis Clearing  (available in my shop) on repeat until things start to lighten up. Even if you know that something specific is causing this upset, there almost always is a chunk that is other energies.  This is my go to audio for both me and my clients as it contains powerful clearings to remove energetic forces and get you back to being you.
3- Take a small step.  When we are in a very disempowered place taking any step, even a small one, makes a huge difference in moving through this and starting the create the life you would like.
4- Don’t make yourself wrong for being in this space or for not being able to take a step to change it. Making you wrong for anything you are doing or not doing disempowers you. Just allowing you to be in this space until you are able to change it gives you access to more of your power while making you wrong for not being able to change it right now actually decreases your power.
5- Reach out to someone that you can trust to let them know you are having a tough time.  Just sharing what you are going through can start to change it.

If you would like more support around this, please let me know.