How do you stay healthy?

Did you know that what you do first, when you have even the slightest hint you might get ill, either allows you to stay healthy or pushes you toward illness?

I started to feel ill yesterday and then I changed it – but not before first going into “Oh, No!  I’m going to be sick this week!”   (I can have limiting thought too.)

In this video, I share the 3-tools I use to stay healthy and to speed my recovery if I do “rarely” get ill.

In case you don’t have time to watch, here is the first tool.

  • Your body hears you say, “I’m feeling ill.”
  • Your body listens and does what you tell her/him to do.
    • When your body hears you say, “I’m feeling ill.”
  • Then she/he does what body thinks you are saying – and becomes ill.

Watch the video to learn the rest of the tools and receive energetic releasing and clearing to stay healthy. 

If you have any questions on the video or how to improve your health, reply to this email and I’m happy to help.

Bye for now.


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