There is a lot of uncertainty and even fear around this virus. 

Should you be concerned?  Or maybe not? It can be really hard to tell because there is so much manipulation on both sides.

Manipulation has been pushing all of us to be scared, and even pushing us the opposite way to just brush it off.

In this Webinar, I go deep. Energetically removing this manipulated FEAR, misinformation. So you can feel more like yourself again. Whew!

I’ll also explain the 4 Energetic Steps to stay Healthy around this and any other illnesses.

Watch the video here:

Removing the Manipulated FEAR around the Coronavirus.

Here Are The Energetic Steps I Use to Stay Healthy

They are covered in-depth in the webinar

1-Acknowledge you are energetically aware

  • What if you aren’t a hypochondriac, but are perceiving other people’s symptoms as your own?
  • I had been doing that for most of my life!

2-Acknowledge you might be an energetic healer (you probably are)

  • Healers can pull illness out of people to heal them. It’s both good and not so good.

3-Never say you are “sick” of something

  • Change “I’m sick of (politics, my boss, that person always doing that)”
  • To “I don’t like it, It upsets me.”  Anything but “I’m sick…”

4-Use energetic clearings and disconnect from the viral energetic field and….