With the New Year, there is so much judgment up around our bodies. Wow, do you feel the energy around that? 

I used to blame my body for craving and desiring to eat too much, such as not stopping until the bag of potato chips or the pint of ice-cream was finished. Why did I have these cravings? Why couldn’t I resist them?  Have you done that too?

I recently found out that the cravings I thought were mine were actually something else.

Symptoms of other energies and energetic influences that were making me crave those foods.

That’s what makes it so hard to change anything around food or weight– your food cravings aren’t even your cravings! What?  How could they not be yours nor your body’s?  Actually, that’s just the start.  There are also energetic reasons (at first they even seem positive) for your body to store and keep excess weight.

And I’ve found that until we remove these energetic reasons and the energetic forces, it is almost impossible to lose ANY weight.

When you see all these energies and what’s been influencing you, you will not only be able to remove them, you’ll rediscover the deep compassion and love your body has for you and you have for your body.
                Even if you felt your body has let you down in the past.

Have you felt that way?  That something was wrong or not good enough about you or about your body?  That you couldn’t change this, no matter how hard you tried?

You are not alone.  And just like you can’t change someone else’s mind, you can’t change cravings that aren’t yours.  But you can kick them out, as well as, kicking out any other forces that are messing with you and your body.

Unlike any other courses around weight, food, and bodies, there will be absolutely no judgment! Because it wasn’t even your fault.  In the course, you’ll receive deep releasing, clearings, plus kindness, nurturing and support.  

It’s time to stop these influences and have love, compassion, and appreciation for your body once again.

In this free video series, we get at the first level of these energetic reasons you might have extra weight and clear them.

Once you’ve watched the first or all the videos in the free series, you will want to learn more and/or to join the full class. There will be 5 webinars over an hour each. Where we will release and remove much much more that is messing with you food desires and excess body weight.

In this full course, you will also create an even better connection with your body and even hear what she/he has to say. Don’t worry, you body loves you and all most everything she/he wants to say is loving, contributive and supportive. How nice will it be, when your body is always on your side, supporting you through any challenge?

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Removing the Energetic Forces Influencing Your Weight and Body starts Wednesday!

If you have any questions or need additional information on if this course is right for you just email me. I’m happy to help.