With tips for surviving the holidays.

It is OK to feel however you feel.  Don’t fight it or make yourself wrong for feeling any feeling, but also don’t dwell on sadness or upset. You are not alone in your feelings. Many people feel sad or down during this time.

We are psychic beings and we pick up the emotions from other people around us(next door or miles away) and often think that these emotions are our emotions.When you are already feeling an emotion, you become even more aware of the same emotions in people around you.

  • If you didn’t already decide all (100%) of the emotions you are feeling were only your emotions. How much of what you are feeling are your emotions? Someone else’s emotions? Or something else’s emotions?  Hint, there is always a part that isn’t yours.  If you feel it is 100% yours, clear energy fog by running this clearing.
  • All the unknowable, unspeakable, untouchable, undectable, unconsciousness, anti-consciousness, energy fog, cloaking, disinformation, and all manipulation around you, all manipulation around your body, and all manipulation around this topic do you choose to remove and destroy all of that?  Yes, I choose that. Vaporize/Liquefy.
  • All the emotions that aren’t your emotions.  Remove and destroy. Vaporize/ Liquefy.

Holidays are milestones events with almost a forced reflection on our lives 

  • While it is easy to focus on what we don’t have, also remember what you have done well or have accomplished.  And you’ve made some huge accomplishments!  

Being around family and longtime friends.

  • They often have stronger opinions of who you are (actually who they thought you were) than you do.
  • You don’t have to define you and who you are.  It’s ok that you are still learning, growing and don’t have all 100% of you figured out.  The you, you are right now, is still pretty amazing!

My main tool for the holidays, any challenge, or even when I feel just a tad off.   https://maxriggs.com/product/crisis-clearing-strong/

With these tools and tips, you can have an even better holiday season.  🙂
If you have any questions around the webinar, this email, or the holidays, let me know.

I’ve also opened up some time for personal sessions around the holidays at mydiscounted rate. So if you require support or would like to move through anylimitations contact me here.