You’ve done your energetic and emotional work. You’ve learned energetic tools to help with your awareness and even tapped into your natural magic to create positive changes in your life. 

So why does it sometimes seem that life is harder for you now, than it was years ago?

What if you are playing a bigger game?  What if you now are interacting with life on a deeper level?

You are! 

I cover this in the video: Does it seem like life is harder? Or might you be playing a bigger game?

In the video, I mention how important it is for energetically aware people to be part of an energetic group.  For you to be part of the contributive energetic change field on a regular basis. Because being together not only counteracts the limitations that society continually throws at us, it allows you to become even greater.

You are connecting to this field through these videos (enjoy!) and soon I’ll be sharing another amazing way to be part of and supported by this energetic change field.

Chat with you soon.