Clearing and Removing Fear around COVID-19

Removing the Manipulated Fear Around the Coronavirus

Recorded Live March 5th, 2020

In This Webinar We Clear and Release Manipulated Fear Around this Virus

Watch or listen to the webinar to clear the fear and energetically release places you are connected to non-contributive viral energies.
We will remove the manipulation on both sides - "Nothing to worry about or nothing to see here." and "70% of everyone on the planet will get this."
Remove and destroy. Vaporize, Liquefy.
Removing the manipulation so you can get a clear energetic read on what is true around this illness for YOU and what steps you can take to stay healthy, even if people around you get ill.
The 4 steps to take today to stay healthy around this and at any other times:
*Acknowledge you are energetically aware.
*Acknowledge you might (you most likely do) have healing abilities.
*Remove this "one" word from your vocabulary.
*Use Energetic Clearings to change energies and body sensations. 
*Disconnect from the Virus Energetic Field, Disconnect, Disconnect, Disconnect

Do you have any questions about this webinar? 
Or using energetic tools to stay healthy? 
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