Have you ever had a tough day and then received a hug from someone, and as they held you, you could feel your upset just drain away?  It felt so good. How did they do that you might have wondered? 

What if when you hug people, you also create that warm, nurturing and healing space for them too?

You do.  Because one of your capacities, being the kind person you are, is creating that supportive, nurturing and healing space for people.  

What if do this almost automatically, even if you aren’t consciously intending to?  And if you intended to create a healing space, you massively increase your healing abilities?

You can do this, and you actually do, do this. Though the changes you help create can be easy to miss, or even when you do see the changes to then discount that it was you that created that change.

I know because I discounted my healing abilities for years.

For the next week, try this little experiment. Observe how people’s emotions or energy change when they are around you. Whether you are giving them a hug, holding their hand or even just talking with them.
Now it can be easy to miss the changes or even to try to explain them away.  As they might still be upset -but maybe not AS upset. Or they could still be struggling – but maybe not struggling AS much.

When you notice a difference it’s easy to start thinking things like, they seem better but…
“They just needed to get it off their chest (they could have talked to anyone).”
“They just needed a hug (from anyone).”

What if just anyone couldn’t have done it?  What if it actually was YOU making that difference for them?
Try looking with the perspective that it is YOU making that difference and see what changes in people around you. Let me know what you discover.

I’ll be hosting a webinar next on Tuesday or Thursday where we will look at the difference you do make, and I will be sharing how to more easily access and use your natural healing abilities.

If you are seeing this after August 22nd, look under courses for the replay.