What if it is OK for you to WIN?

At first, it seems a pretty silly question.  Of course, it should be OK for you to win.
But where in your life does it feel that you aren’t currently winning? 

Wow, that’s a lot of places.  And that’s true for me too.

This came up for me big time on Friday when I was playing Cribbage (a card game) with my good friend.

She ALWAYS wins. 

           (How?) She uses her Magic to win.

I was getting really annoyed as she got great hand after great hand, I was going to lose.
Not by a little, but by a LOT!  Arggg!

And then I got it, I had an underlying belief that it wasn’t OK for me to use my magic to win.
Somehow by using my magic to win,  that just wouldn’t be fair.

I recorded this video on my weekly Facebook Live to help you change the places where it isn’t OK for you to win, where it isn’t OK to use your magic to win.

So, you can win!

If you aren’t on Facebook, you can watch the video on YouTube here.  To join the FB Group to ask me any of your questions, as well as access the many energetic support videos and additional normally hidden information, you can join the Expanding Your Energetic Awareness group here.

I’ll also be opening enrollment in September in the Energetic Empowerment Group, where we go deep and clear on topics just like this one.  To change areas of your life that just aren’t working for you.  So, you can step into the You, You came here to be.

Chat with you soon.