I just came back from a mastermind empowerment course in Thailand with Jaden Fox. Over the week of the course all the participants stepped up to lead when they had awareness on the topics.  Tapping into everyone’s awareness and the energy of Thailand created huge changes for all of us there. I’ve been trying to put in words what I learned and how I changed from this experience.  The words haven’t come to me and when it seems I have a block or limitation, I start exploring.  You might already know this but..

Words don’t work very well to describe certain topics or experiences.

This might not seem like an issue, but when we can’t define or describe something, our minds can easily go to “Did it really happen?  Did anything actually change?  Did I imagine all of that?” How many experiences, awarenesses or changes have you had that since you couldn’t describe them with words, they then seemed like they didn’t even happen?  Everywhere this happened, do you choose to remove and destroy all of that?  Yes, I choose that. Vaporize Liquefy 

Do you now choose to receive all those experiences, awarenesses or changes that are to your individual advantage?  Yes, I choose that.

What can you be and what can you do to allow undefined changes, that are to your advantage, into your life?  Receive