We can often fantasize about our ideal life.  The one where, once we’ve cleared all our debts, gotten though all our limitations, have tons of money in the bank, and this additional requirement and that requirement and all the others that have to be fulfilled first. Then and only then can we really start having our amazing life.

I know this, because I’ve done it too.   With the start of the New Year, I was thinking what is required to get to my ideal life?  Maybe you have too. It can seem like a lot of work to get there and also can seem pretty far away.  Sometimes so far away to almost seem unreachable.  As with any large challenge, one way to approach it  is to break it into smaller pieces and define it.  I started writing down what would be in my ideal life and the first few things surprised me. More time with friends, drinking  espresso coffee in the morning, exercising, being out in nature more.  Wow, I thought, I could actually have these in my life right now.

What have you decided would be in your ideal life that you actually could have today?

Would it be, more time with friends? more time by yourself?  Jot a few of these down.

Now, how could you easily add one or more of these into your life now?  Anything preventing that, do you choose to release and let those go?  Yes, I choose that.  Vaporize, Liquefy

…..and what is one small step you could take to start having this today?
You might have seen my 2 minute video last year on Taking An Imperfect Step.

These are the first few steps in Creating the Life You Desire.
In upcoming emails and on my Facebook Page, I’ll be sharing more tools on how to have more of this life sooner than you might think.

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