Over the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring Social Media Influences and other manipulations on the internet.   Then for the second time after being on eBay and feeling really funky afterwards, I got how powerful these forces are.

I explored the manipulations of social media, the internet, eBay and online retailers, in a call with my good friend Cris. I’m including the audio of this call as a special thank you for being a part of this empowerment email group. If you haven’t joined yet, you can do that here. 

Here are a couple tips and takeaways from the call.

And yes, I’m still going to be using the Internet and Social Media, though what if we could remove these Social Media Influences and use them more to our advantage?

Things to be aware of when we are online:

The Internet and Social media are powerful rivers of energy, going the direction they want to go – not the direction you want to go.

1-      Make an intention for your time on the internet.  The internet and social media are strong rivers trying to take you where they want you to go.  Without an intention, they can take you far away.

a.       What would you like to do, find out, accomplish when online?

b.       If you don’t have a specific intention – intend to use your time online to your advantage!

When you finish your online experience

2-      Energetically disconnect from the Internet and communication streams after you leave your computer or phone.

3-      If you feel funky afterwards – it isn’t you.  Clear the energies you picked up.

4-      It can also be helpful to turn off computers, WIFI and Bluetooth on your phone when you aren’t using them, and/or at night.

If you have any questions on social media influences or other internet influences, let me know.




Max Riggs