After watching the first two videos, I already have diminished cravings!”  A participant excitedly emailed me yesterday.

You can have that change too, just by watching this free series. 

Catch up or rewatch the 3 video replays here:
1-Your Cravings are not actually yours – learn what they are and remove them
2-Remove judgments around eating and weight plus create a better body connection. 
3-The surprising energetic benefit of having extra fat – and change it.

At the end of yesterday’s video, I shared how you can get the brand new energetic change audio to complete your energetic and emotional release around cravings, eating, and excess weight.

It is 4.5 hours of non-stop clearing, release, and change.  Designed to access and release in all areas, including areas that can seem like you are the only person that has them.

Also included is a 25-minute rapid change audio for those times when you need help to change those hard to resist cravings right away.

You don’t even have to listen to the whole audio. Just listening to the first minute or two can be enough to reduce or even eliminate cravings. Giving you freedom and choice once again.

Use discount code removecravings for 35% off that’s over $68 off the audio or $174 off the 9-part video course.

Watch Video 3 here and/or Get Your Copy of this Powerful MP3:


Any questions about this series, the Energetic Release MP3, or the Video Course?  Reply to this email and I’m happy to chat.