We’ve been told (or it was just expected) that you are supposed to be 100% happy and enjoy the holiday season. But most of us experience the holidays, with a wider range of feelings and emotions than only happiness.

Being told you are supposed to be happy when you are feeling other emotions, or even having a really tough time, can make you feel even worse.

Even if you enjoy the holidays, sadness can still come up or disappointments when expectations aren’t met.  VL

To change and shift everything that the holidays can bring up.

If you just have 5-minutes watch and release in this quick video

For more energetic release watch and receive even more change in the Full 54-minute webinar replay.

In our time together we will shift energies, emotions, and remove the critical self-talk that can really come up during this time.

So you can make it through, or even enjoy the holiday season.

If you have any questions on the video or need extra support, email me.