We are told by many New Age Spiritual people that the morning is when you are the most yourself. That in the morning you are clear and free of interference. While this sounds nice, for many of us we wake not feeling very empowered. We can even wake feeling off, weak, and not ready for the day.

Why is this? There are two main reasons. First, residual upsets, emotions, and energies can remain with us not only from yesterday but from previous days. The second is night manipulation. Even if you don’t think you dream at night, most people have between 750-1500 dreams a night and even 2-8 nightmares. Yikes!

Now, we usually only remember a few dreams a night, if we remember any, but the residual emotions, hormones and stress chemicals remain in our bodies. So even after a “restful” nights sleep you may not feel peaceful or even feel an underlying unease – like something is off.

And that is just two of many reasons. If you have challenges with your sleep, you may be interested in my Creating Restful Sleep audio available here. I go into many more reasons and comes with 3 pages of tips to create a sleeping space that is relaxing, peaceful, and nurtures a good night’s sleep.

Each morning I recommend having a Morning Energetic Clearing Practice to clear out any emotional or energetic upsets so you can start your day off feeling strong and ready for the day. In my 5-Day Energetic Reset [FREE], that just completed I give you a 6 minute energetic releasing audio to do just that.

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