What if that is because your finances are being messed with? Yikes, lots of energy there.

It is not only that.  The constructs and hooks built into this reality’s financial systems are yucky.  So much so, that we often don’t want to even touch them, let alone jump in to participate.  And participation is pretty much required for you to receive your contributive money flows.  

But once you remove the embedded pollution and hooks, you will no longer be bound, snared, or made to feel ill around money and finances.

You can swim free in the clear, clean, contributive financial waters and have your authentic contributive money flows.

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In the class, You will remove

  • Negative Money Programs
    • (Always running in the background)
  • Lineage and past life agreements
    • (Locking you into having only small amounts of money) 
  • Energetic Forces draining your banking accounts
    • (Financial constructs and hooks that cause your money to be pulled out of your accounts)
  • Energy drains from “bills”
  • Any limits on how much money you can have or hold onto 

We will create

  • Your new abundant financial reality
  • Contributive Money Flows in and through your accounts. 
    • (Some money going “through” is actually a good thing. We will change the negative parts so even flows through creates more money for you.)
  • Ease with receiving money and gifts.
    • (Removing the hooks and tangles from gifts.)

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