I was hoping to share with you the date of my new master class (for free) that I’ve been working on over last two weeks.

It’s information I recently discovered.  A new way of seeing what is actually going on in this reality, which explains why life is harder for us.  And how to use that information to tap into more of our natural strengths and powers.

But it is taking longer than I expected….

And that has been frustrating. My goal of having the class out this week at first excited and empowered me.  I was pumped and easily worked long hours toward completing it….and then finishing it this week seemed impossible. 

What originally empowered me, now was disempowering.  I started thinking,”Should I push this off?  Should I just start another project that would be easier?”

Has something like this happened to you too?  You started working toward a dream, a desire, and you make progress toward it…and then a block got in the way and you stopped?  

What if that is actually how this reality is set up?  What if the default of this reality is to disempower you?

That’s what I’ve found, challenges are designed to almost always disempower you. This is just one of the areas we will cover and then change in the course.  By knowing this default and asking new questions around it, you can use even a disempowering experience to become more of the person you want to be.

If you know you will want this free course, you can register here.