I recently had a pretty big upset and my philosophy, my mantra, is “To use everything to my advantage, even things that don’t seem like they could be to my advantage.”  So I was looking at how could I use this upset, this feeling of being small and feeling like I didn’t have any control in this situation, to my advantage.  And you know what?  While it might not seem like it, there actually are some pretty amazing gifts hidden in an upset. What if you could use your current or your next upset to your advantage?  Check out this short video to see how.  The Value of Having or Being in an Upset.

Looking forward to seeing the new and more powerful you!


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In these first two Claiming Your Power Now calls, you learned four tools to jumpstart your power.  If you haven’t yet watched them.

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In the full Claim Your Power Now – The Max Power Hour – Six Call Course,
We will cover.

  • Relationships – Romantic, Friendship, Family, or Work. Have your power no matter what!
  • Physical Health – Have power even when you feel weak or are ill.

And more..

  • Using everything to your advantage.  Even things that seem that they couldn’t possibly be to your advantage.
  • Choosing for you
  • Moving beyond clearing

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I’m looking forward to seeing the POWERFUL NEW YOU on this webinar!