Releasing Stressor Systems

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Max Riggs

Dynamic Change Coach

My Approach

I see everything we did or are doing as showing our strengths.  Even the crazy messed up stuff that couldn’t possibly be empowering.  What, “how’s that possible,” you might be asking?  If we go back to the step right before we made that seemingly dis-empowering choice, the power is actually there.  We just don’t usually see it.  I can show the power in that choice and once we see it together, you will appreciate yourself more and then can more easily change what isn’t working for you.  Starting each session from the power of you, gives you the strength to change things that previously were unchangeable.

What do you need now?

Whether you require support and nurturing or guidance and encouragement, you will be supported on your journey.


– D.L. from Houston says              “Hey Magic Max! I am experiencing gratitude for you today and you have had a huge impact in my reality. You are a bargain at twice the price! I am now experiencing ease with legal and money issues and wasn’t expecting it but also ease with my family, pets and home. In our sessions you got in my head and grabbed stuff I had hidden and not only removed it but vaporized it. I’ve even looked to find limitations that were always there and now they are just gone. Big Change is showing up super-fast and while I’m hitting the gas I am aware how much easier this is with my body after my sessions with you.  You da bomb!”