Thinking you aren’t motivated enough, is a challenge that most of us have. 

We’ve been told, and we often think, that we should just be able to change something inside us, and we would be instantly motivated.

I used to blame myself for not be motivated and getting easily distracted.  Maybe you’ve done that too?

But I found out something surprising.

Lack of motivation and even distraction can be a sign of being energetically messed with.  Or even being energetically attacked.  VL 

In this video, I share more about this external resistance and we remove the first layer right in the video.  

Energetically Remove Distraction and Lack of Focus

You are going to feel so much better after this video 🙂

I also share the go-to tool to remove this energetic resistance, so you can accomplish your projects.

Those of you in the Entities and Energetic Forces Course, already have access to this powerful audio.


This Changes Now! – Advanced

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