Have the last couple weeks been a bit challenging for you?   We all know the holidays can be a challenge, but in the Fall, September?  Really? We usually don’t think of the Fall as a stressful , but it can be.

If we are parents, it’s getting the kids ready for school, dealing with their challenges around a new schedule, classes, and making new friends, in addition to everything else we as adults are doing.  Our jobs are back to full speed, and it’s time to start working on (or thinking about working on) those body/health goals and all the life goals we put off over the summer.

Does that sound just a bit stressful?  It stresses me by just reading it. So here is an easy tool to help now.

Ask for your stressor systems (all the locations in our bodies we store our stress) to release. Stressor systems release, release, release. Stressor system discharge, discharge, discharge.  Repeat, repeat.
Here is a short video of me hiking on Mt Rainier sharing this tool.

Even when I was out in nature and far away from people there still was stress in my body.  If I still had stress on a sunny day in nature and away from people, how much stress might you have right now?

Do you require more support right now?    I want you to have the support you need now not later.  Contact me to see what we can change right now, together.   Is this Fall is the time to change what isn’t working for you?