Your Empowerment Path

1-You are stronger and more capable than you think you are. We will uncover this together so you can always see your inner strength no matter what.

2-Any limiting beliefs, habits, phobias, or traumas can be changed or removed, using energetic clearings and other verbal tools and techniques.

Removing these limits energetically is the key, because the way beliefs are stored prevents you from thinking your way out of it.

3-Reframing is a big part of the solution. Because what seems like the most obvious lesson to “learn” from challenging life experiences is most often disempowering to you. And any disempowering lesson is actually flat out wrong! 

Do you usually feel empowered when life throws you a curveball? No, most of us don’t feel anything close to empowered.

So we tend to learn disempowering and limiting lessons from those experiences. When most often there is a completely different and actually an empowering lesson to be learned. But those lessons are much harder to see, so we usually miss them. When you instead, look at challenges from a more empowering perspective, many even long-term negative beliefs can just melt away.

4- Sensitive, Highly Sensitive (HSP) people are actually very energetically aware.  Understanding how to use your energetic awareness (it’s actually a superpower),  will give you a freedom to be you, in any situation, that you might never have had.

What if you could remove any energetic or emotional blocks that keep you from your FULL power and capacities?

Would you then finally be able to step into the person you just know you could (should) be?

Yes, you would become that empowered, strong person, and you will!

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Do you desire to live in a world where you and people like you are successful and are making a real difference in the world?

We are now in a time where that can start happening. And it actually starts with you. Because when you are confident, successful, and standing your authentic strength, you just naturally start creating that better world.

Will you join me, in creating that world?

Max Riggs January 21st, 2020

Next Steps…

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