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You just naturally are.

Has life been hard for you?  I know it can be because that’s how I felt for most of my life.  I learned from so many self-help books, teachers, gurus the steps that I was supposed to take, so I would be confident and finally become successful.  But no matter what I tried; those steps never seemed to work. 

I kept asking myself, and maybe you have too, why is life such a struggle? When other people around me, were successful and seemed to have it oh so easy.

I finally got it, while all the experts said you could, you actually can’t just change negative or limiting thoughts by just thinking about them – no matter how hard you try.

The hint and more about this in this site is that all limiting beliefs are not just stored as one thing, the thought, but they are also stored with an emotional component as well.

So just like if you were watching the movie JAWS and you changed the narration from “There is a shark underwater!” to something happy and upbeat and even if you took out the shark, but you left in the scary music.  During that scene, when that music started, you would still get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, no matter how positive the narration became.

And then I found the secret.  The energetic clearings I use in my work to unlock and remove stored emotions so you can change the music and finally remove your limiting beliefs.

My Core Philosophy

1-You are stronger and more capable than you think you are. We’ll uncover this together so you can always see your inner strength.

2-Any limiting beliefs, habits, phobias, or traumas can be changed or removed, using energetic clearings and other verbal tools and techniques.

3-Reframing – Often what we learn from challenging life experiences can be disempowering and even flat out wrong.  It is so easy to do it, that all of us have done it at one time or another.  The main reason for this is that the most obvious and rational conclusion is often wrong.  When you look at challenges from a more empowering view, many even long-term negative beliefs can just melt away.

4- Sensitive, Highly Sensitive (HSP) people are actually very energetically aware.  Understanding how to use your energetic awareness (it’s actually a superpower),  will give you a freedom to be you, in any situation, that you might never have had.

My energetic change system is DESIGNED to remove any energetic or emotional blocks or even any rationalizations that keep you from your FULL power and capacities.

If you are ready for fast dynamic change to create the life you desire and are READY to choose to work weekly with me, contact me below to see what deep change is possible working together.

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My mission: is for kind, caring people to be successful and to be in positions of power.  Whether that is in business, corporate, government, politics, finance or any other place where they can make a real difference.

Because when kind caring people are successful, they (we) will create a world that works for all of us.

Will you join me, in creating that world?

Max Riggs August 21st, 2019

Next Steps…

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