Clearing Challenges Around Being a Healer.

Ever notice that being around some people drains you no matter what you try?  What if being drained actually shows you something special about you?  What if you could turn up your capacities as a healer and even be energized in the process?

Join me for my exclusive training to access energetic alignments that remove blocks to the true healing capacities of your body.  This video explains and clears draining aspects of being a healer that most expert healers don’t currently know or use in their practice.

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Max Riggs

Dynamic Change Coaching



Through years of training in multiple processes, disciplines, and techniques I have learned some of the quickest and most effective methods of getting to the root of issues and clearing/removing them.    These tools, along with a combination of reframing and energy techniques, create change quickly.  You will be surprised at how fast it can work.  What you might have thought would take years, or what you thought you might never be free of, might be lightened after one or only a few sessions.  Just think what your life could be like with one of my dynamic change packages.


– D.L. from Houston says              “Hey Magic Max! I am experiencing gratitude for you today and you have had a huge impact in my reality. You are a bargain at twice the price! I am now experiencing ease with legal and money issues and wasn’t expecting it but also ease with my family, pets and home. In our sessions you got in my head and grabbed stuff I had hidden and not only removed it but vaporized it. I’ve even looked to find limitations that were always there and now they are just gone. Big Change is showing up super-fast and while I’m hitting the gas I am aware how much easier this is with my body after my sessions with you.  You da bomb!”