At dinner last night my friend casually mentioned she didn’t have such a good day. I asked what was going on and she first mentioned the pretty normal things we all have. Job was a bit boring, not having a romantic partner, and some house projects that needed to get done (I was thinking to myself, yes those things can make for a tough day) and then she casually mentioned well there is this other thing.

What? That’s huge! We talked more, and my friend for the last few months, had been doing pretty much all of the recommended things for helping her daughter with depression and her daughter still was struggling. She wanted to do more to help her daughter, and felt she should do more, but didn’t know what else to do. I shared some tools I used in my work that might help..but that’s not why I’m sharing this with you.

It’s that so many of us can just get used to the challenges, get used to the struggles in our lives’. Because we deal with them every day we can forget that actually are big, or even huge, that they do take lots of energy to overcome. And sometimes even when we are doing a good job dealing with these challenges, because we know we could do better, we could do more, we can feel bad that we aren’t doing that too.

What if you actually are doing a great job given the challenges you face? Could you, could we, all be doing better? Doing more? Sure, but what if even if you could do more, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing a good or even great job now.

So, all the places you’ve been putting yourself down, beating yourself up for not doing better, when you actually were already doing a good or even a great job given the situation, do you choose to release, let go and/or allow that to be removed from your reality now? Yes, I choose that. Vaporize, Liquify

Let me know what this brings up for you, around the challenges you have been in or moving through.