What if listening to music could also create the changes you were looking for?

Monday, I woke up with a unexpected desire to listen to the hard rock I listened to in high school. I haven’t listened to that type of music for years. It took me a while, but put together a play list on Spotify with some of the best rocking songs I could remember. As I listened, I could feel it clearing and releasing things that were up in my reality.

What type of music has energy and power to you, that might help you release what you would like to release?

Let me know what music works for you?


It’s now been a couple days….

It’s been interesting listening to this music this week. I’ve been able to access and clear things from far in the past that weren’t reached in other ways. And I’ve had an enjoyment with this music that previously I wouldn’t listen to because it used to remind me of the limitations I had when I first listened to them years ago.