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In the full course, I’ve brought together the most powerful tools I use in my empowerment practice and share them with you in this four-part webinar.

You will learn:

How to identify and remove the hidden energetic forces that are slowing your progress.

How to use your energetic awareness for you, not against you.

How to change any limiting thoughts or beliefs that are preventing you from creating a life you love.

How to tap into more of your natural power and use it.

I Want This!

We will move fast and clear big.  Whether you are just starting out, or have been on this journey a long time, this information will speed you on your journey.

You will access spaces where changing everything is possible and step into the powerful, potent being you already are.

I will show you how everything you do or have done is actually empowering.  Yes, even the crazy messed up stuff that you think couldn’t possibly be empowering.  You get to see and access the powerful you!

Course Details:

       Use your energetic awareness for you rather than against you. 

Energetic awareness is a great thing, but without understanding your capacities and knowing how to use them, they can feel like a huge burden.

Separating your thoughts and feelings from other people’s or other energies’, thoughts and feelings.

How many of your energetic senses are stuck on high? How many are stuck on low? Unstick your capacities, turn the volume up or down depending on what is required.

How to be comfortable in any situation – even in ones that you previously hated!

       How your language – beliefs, words and thoughts create your life.

In many of our life’s experiences, we may have learned the wrong lessons. Flip those around to use those experiences and lessons for you.

Change or update your life story to claim your power and to attract more of what you want, less of what you don’t want.

Remove the feeling of -not being good enough or of feeling wrong.

Common phrases that “seem” to be empowering but are actually disempowering.

       Identifying and Removing the energetic forces influencing your life. 

Now they don’t control your life – You Do.  But until you recognize their influences, these forces have more impact on you achieving your dreams than you might think.

What if many, if not most, of what you think are your limitations are actually symptoms of you being messed with?

Learn how to clear any energies messing with you.

The real reasons forces are messing with you.  It might surprise you.

       Putting it all together.  Tips and Techniques

Apply all this informant to change anything that isn’t working for you.

What to do when you don’t know what step to take next.

What to do when it feels like you can’t do anything, can’t get off the couch or leave the house.

And much more knowledge and information to speed your empowerment journey.

I Want This Course!

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