The energy and emotions from the 500+ people waiting outside the business marketing event was almost overpowering.  What have I gotten myself into? I thought.

As a highly sensitive person, (I now know this sensitivity is actually – deep energetic awareness) we perceive emotions and energies loudly and at a strong level.  And when around even small groups of people, the emotions radiated can be a bit overwhelming.  Have you felt that way too?

Previously, at events like this, I would have found a way to quickly move to the sidelines, to the edge of the room, to be far away from everyone’s emotions and energy as possible. While at the same time trying to look like I had a reason (other than discomfort) to be far away from the group.

Have you ever done that? Maybe checked email or Facebook on your phone so you too had a “reason” to be on the sidelines?

But this time, I had a secret weapon.  I picked up my phone, not to hide my attention in it, but just to press play and back into my pocket it went.  I then walked confidently right into the middle of the group and talked to the first person I met.

And you too can have this secret weapon for yourself. It’s just one of the tools I use and teach which give you more control and abilities to use your energetic capacities.  Where you are no longer at the effect of emotions and energies around you. 

You may still notice energies and emotions, but you reduce the levels and then can easily be around them.  Where you can once again do what you want, when you want, even around strong energies and emotions.

Now if you’ve already seen and experienced my work, you know and have felt the change that these energetic clearings provide. And in this audio, we do just that.  Change, remove and clear energies which make any experience easier, while also reminding you of your strengths and capacities.  Because you are stronger and more capable then you might be thinking – especially when you are having a tough day.

Whether you tend to be introverted or even extroverted, use this audio for:

  • Being around people with negative, dark, too much or chaotic energy
  • When you feel funky, down, unmotivated, upset, or drained
  • In uncomfortable or in challenging situations
  • In rooms or locations with “bad” or too much energy
  • When your family, children, or friend is having a challenging day
  • Removing unseen energies and energetic forces
  • Taking the emotional or energetic edge off of almost anything!

This energetic clearing audio is available as a bonus in the full program CORE – Energetic Awareness and Skills Program (You can still get in at special rate – details below), or you can just purchase the brand new and updated version  “This Changes Now! – Emotional and Energetic Support When You Need it” here.

P.S.  The first live call of the CORE- Energetic and Awareness Program is next week, so there is still time to join this course and not miss out on any of the calls.