What if time as we are taught on this planet is a mis-direction?

Distracting you from your gifts…

What if you naturally “jump around” in time?  a lot!

And you just naturally “play” with time!

Slow it down — speed it up —  change it dynamically…

What if who you are is actually a MASTER in altering Time?

• How much have you been BLOCKED from doing your natural dance with time?
• How much is time being used against you and your Body?
• How much have your time-streams been manipulated to your dis-advantage?
• How much are you being held a prisoner of time?

I’ve teamed up with Jaden Fox to teach a Master class on Playing with Time.  In this web class we will begin unlocking the natural play we have with time and start unlocking where you are connected to synthetic time matrix.

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