Max Riggs

Energetic Awareness Coach

Energy Healer

Best Selling Author

My Approach

I see you as powerful, capable, and pretty amazing. While it’s pretty easy for all of us to judge ourselves harshly, considering what you’ve been through in your life, you’ve actually done a good, if not a great job. I get that it might not feel that way, but no matter where you are or what you are feeling today, you can achieve the life you would like. Together we can create that life.

I felt seen, for the first time!Laura in Seattle.

You’ll receive deep caring and nurturing in all of my work. Deep change and growth does not have to be uncomfortable.   I create HUGE change while also being nurturing and supportive.  While parts of sessions may not be 100% comfortable, you will be so supported along the way, you’ll have the courage to go to places you couldn’t before.

I see everything you are doing or have done as showing your strength.  There is no judgment in our work together.  If there are any negative judgments keeping you from taking that next step, we remove them, so you can access your deep strength and take that step.

Who is Max Riggs

I’ve always been energetically aware, though for most of my life I saw this as a limitation. Thinking I was too sensitive and that something must be wrong with me. A common thought was, “If I could only fix what was wrong with me, I could then fit into this world.” I now see these capacities as gifts, even as superpowers, that I use to greatly speed my clients’ growth.

What superpowers do you have hidden within you?

I’ve trained in multiple disciplines, processes, and techniques over the last ten years. Going from bright-eyed student to surpassing my teachers. I now am one of only two top experts in the world doing this form of energetic field adjustment and energetic forces removal.

I am currently continuing my exploration of this reality, uncovering its secrets, and sharing this valuable information with you. For once you see and understand what is going on, you can more quickly step into who you came here to be.

What, if you could change it, would give you the life you desire? Contact me below to see what working with me directly could do for you.


“Max, would you like a testimonial? I’m so thrilled about what happened after our session. The cough that I’ve had for six months is gone! Who would have thought that clearing issues with my family and letting go of always taking care of people was holding it in place. Thank you!”

K.W. Seattle

“I received so much from this class. I want to live in a world where everyone has taken a class from Max.”

H.S. – Seattle

“Max! I’m so very grateful and thankful to you for assisting me the other day! It’s sort of rocked my world, although in a healthy way! What seemed like magic happened since then. Thank you for everything!”

– C.L. Seattle

“I had a wonderfully amazing yummy session with Max. The way he unraveled the energy I could not put words to was simply stunning. He has a gift of listening in a way most do not. Throughout the session, as he explained certain things I was receiving awarenesses I might not have done so with others. I was able to be raw, vulnerable, me!”
– K.J, Las Vegas

“Hey Magic Max! I am experiencing gratitude for you today and you have had a huge impact in my reality. You should double your rates! You are a bargain at twice the price. I am now experiencing ease with legal and money issues and wasn’t expecting it but also ease with my family, pets, and home. In our sessions, you got in my head and grabbed stuff I had hidden and not only removed it but vaporized it. I’ve even looked to find limitations that were always there and now they are just gone. Big Change is showing up super-fast and while I’m hitting the gas I am aware of how much easier this is with my body after my sessions with you. Feel free to use me as a referral anytime.
You da bomb!”                                                                      – D.L. Houston

Next Steps…

For a deep level of support and rapid change, contact me to start now or ask any questions about my programs.