Your Energetic Reset - Day 5

Your Energetic Reset Day 5

If you missed any of the previous days, do watch those first.  As it sets you up for your Energetic Reset and I share the first tools so you can take your next step to creating what you desire.

What we covered:

When you have success in your life, you make the lives of everyone else around you better. 

• Use your energetic powers to fine-tune your performance

• The universe wants you to be successful.

Day 5 Notes:

You as an energetically aware person are simultaneously more impacted by the energetic resistance around you than other people and yet at the same time you have more capacity and strength to move through anything in your way.

Using energy tools is like using levers or power tools that help you move forward faster.

You are like a high-performance sports car.  To stay at 100% peak performance sports cars often require more maintenance and fine tuning than regular cars do.

What if your daily energetic work, clearing and releasing is just some fine tuning necessary to keeps you functioning in the high-performance zone that is your natural and authentic you?

This fine tuning can feel like work, or you can feel not good enough when you get “out of tune.”  So everywhere you made yourself wrong when you were only just a bit out of tune. VL

Society has been designed to suppress, kind, caring, energetically aware people.

To make you feel weak, small, alone, when that is so not the case.

Being a part of an energetically aware group, like this one, reminds you that you are not alone.

We remind you, we remind each other that you are not alone, you more capable than you think you are.

Now ask the question, “Are you more capable that you think you are?”  

There is a lot of lightness and expansion there.  Because it is true.  You are more capable and probably much more capable than you think you are.

If you did not feel an expansive read on that question.  Try this.

If you didn’t already decide that you weren’t capable, or that you weren’t very capable, truth are you more capable than you think you are?   Could you feel it that time?

If you still did not get an expansive read, there could be energies messing we you that need to be removed first.  Message me and let us change that so you can tap into the strong and capable energies that are the authentic you.

Because you have more capacity that other people to create a better life you and create a better world.

You can change the world.

You just being you, makes the world a better place.  Even without doing any energetic work or doing anything “great” in the physical work.  You, just being you, makes the world a better place. 

It is so easy to discount the difference you make. To not see it.  Or if you do see it, to then dismiss it.

What are all the places where you do make a difference that you are not acknowledging?

If you do not get a strong read, try it this way.  If you did not already decide you weren’t making a difference or you weren’t making much of a difference.  Are you making a small difference, medium difference, or a large difference?  Lots of energy on a large difference.

When you acknowledge the difference that you are making, that helps you step more into your power.

How many times has someone said they feel much better after talking with you, even if it felt like you didn’t do anything?  That’s the energy of change, the energy of support and healing that you, just being you automatically and naturally are.  People being in your presence start to feel better.  Why is that?  It’s because you are pretty amazing even on the days that you don’t feel like you are.

Over these 5-Days, you’ve learned and now understand more about what it means to be you as an energetically aware person in the world.  You’ve started to see more of your super powers and maybe even how to start using them to create more of the life you would like.  

You’ve taken steps to get you back on track and moving you toward what you have been desired to create..

Whether you have moved far on your path, or feel you are still trying to get back on your path, Either way if you would like more help in achieving your goals and dreams, I’m leading a new course building upon what we started over these 5-Day.

This will be a small group program, with only a few people, because I want to give you full support so not only can you accomplish your goals and dreams you will have easy to do steps to accomplish them.

What first comes up for many people is what is your goal or dream?  

Your previously exciting dreams can go stale, they can lose their luster, their excitement

Your dreams might no longer be relevant.  What was your dream at 21 probably might not be relevant for you now.

Dreams have also been messed with by society.  What may seem like your dreams might have been inserted.  A dream that you don’t even want, but think you want it.  That is until you look deeper.

In the course you will rediscover your dreams, re-energize them, or even find a new dream.  So that you will be excited getting up each day as you move toward them.

Find your why.  Your why is like your life’s purpose, but better.  Because idea of a life’s purpose has also been messed with. What if you don’t have one life’s purpose, but something even greater behind it.  A why that can empower whatever purpose you choose now.  This why can and will support you even when your “purpose” changes.  

Brand new information I just discovered today.

Does the universe want you to be successful?  Feel that yes?

Does the universe want you to be happy?  Feel that funky energy, it is not a full yes and it is almost a no.  But why would the universe not want you to be happy?  Actually, is it not that the Universe doesn’t want you to be happy, it does, but only if that really makes you happy.  The squirminess around that has something to do the definition we have of being happy.  Has your definition of happy been manipulated to being the happy you feel only when you are on vacation?

What if what would actually make you happier, is the successful or fulfilment you feel when you achieve something important to you?  Might that feel better than the “happy” you feel when you are on vacation?

Have you lost your fun?  Or had what is fun for you changed?

What used to be fun for you, that no longer is fun?  This can make it seem like nothing is fun anymore.  VL

What used to be fun for you that you are still trying to make fun? VL

What if what other people might considered work, you might consider fun?

If you are defining fun by their definition, you actually couldn’t have fun, because they consider your “fun” to be work.

And to finish up these 5-Days of change:

You can have what you want in two steps:

1-Energetically Remove what is in the way

2-Take one step, even the smallest step possible. 

Now receive from the Universe:

What is the next step that you could take to create more you would like?  Receive from the Universe

Do you choose to one or more of those steps today?  Yes, I choose that.

You can create more the life you would like by taking one small step each day.

You can go further faster by taking a small step today rather than waiting for when you “feel” like it.

I look forward to seeing more of the strong, confident, and successful you in the Recharge and Re-Create Your Life small group Program so we can go on this journey together.  Supporting each other.  How would it feel to be acknowledged for your work and acknowledged for you successes along the way?  And when/if you have a tough day a tough week receiving a pickup, receiving support?

In the group you will also receive a customized plan with steps easy steps, step that you will like to take to get you to create that life, that dream.

If this sounds exciting to you, message me and let’s chat to see if it is right for you.



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