Your Energetic Reset - Day 4

Your Energetic Reset Day 4

If you missed any of the previous days, do watch those first.  As it sets you up for your Energetic Reset and I share the first tools so you can take your next step to creating what you desire.

What we covered:

Quick Summary of the previous days and how to know what your next step is, to create the life you would like.  The secret to knowing what your next step is, even if you don’t know what it is or where to start.

Day 4 Notes:

Your energetic awareness is a superpower, but any superpower that is stuck on full or stuck on high becomes a limitation.

Imagine what would happen if superman or wonder woman could only use their super strength.  If they could not turn it down, they couldn’t pick up a glass of water (without breaking it) or even give someone a hug.

Anything preventing you from adjusting your energetic awareness to a level that is a contribution to you in this moment.  VL

You as an energetically aware person are influenced by the unseen emotions, upset, and energies around you.  Because these energies are often unseen, it can be easy to miss how they are influencing you. Often we don’t realize these were impacted us, until we acknowledge them, until we look at them.

Have you ever started to get a headache or started to get really irritable and then later realized that the music you were listening to in the background was really annoying you?  Then once you turned it off, you felt so much better.

That is why having a daily energetic releasing clearing practice is so important.  Because this practice has you look for these energies and then remove them.  This daily practice can be really short, just one energetic clearing or even just listening to the Recenter and Reclaim audio.

Set up you day for a win. 

What’s one thing that if you accomplished it today would make a today a win?

If you don’t pre-decide what would make today a win, even if have a super productive day, you can easily think the day wasn’t a success because you didn’t do more.

What one thing if you did it today, would make today a success?

It can even be a small thing. 😊

After you decide on your one win, then remove the energetic and emotional blocks that are preventing or resisting you from having that win.

Perhaps you have a meeting or a presentation coming up.  You are totally prepared, but some concerns come up.  It could be that you are sensing other people around you that have those concerns.  So even though you are confident and know you will do well, sensing other people’s concerns can make it feel like you have concerns or nervousness. When you don’t.

Once you clear out all the energies and emotions in your way, you do have to take that next step.

It often feels that you have to take a huge step to achieve your goals.  Yikes lots of energy on that. VL

Everywhere you have to figure out the perfect step, before you take any step.  VL

It doesn’t have to be a big step; it can be a small step.

And when you take a small step when you are in a disempowered place that small step moves you further faster on your path than waiting to take a big step when you are in an empowered place.

You also become more empowered, you step into more of your strength and confidence by taking a small step each day.

When you don’t know the step you can take or it all feels like too much. Just ask, "What is the absolute smallest possible step you could take?" There is always expansive energy on that and you know you can take that small step.

What is the largest step you can take? That often feels bad or contractive.  Why?  Because there is so much judgment on us for not have already taken that step.  VL

No matter where you are, no matter how you feel, you can always take a small step.  Even when you are in the most disempowered space you can take one small step.

And even though you know you should be able to take that small step, don’t judge yourself if it feels like you can’t.

When you remove the judgment on you, for not taking that step, that allows the stop energy to pass.

And even in that disempowered space, you have enough energy to press the play button and listen to the Recenter and Reclaim audio and/or any of my energetic audios or videos. They work to remove energies, stuck emotions, and energetic forces behind the scenes.  I've had days like that too.  We all have.

When you don’t know what step to take.  You can take any step.  As any step will move you forward on your path.

Even taking a step in what seems like a step in the completely wrong direction can get you further along on your path.

What is everything preventing you taking you from taking your next step.  Whether it is the right step, wrong step or any step.  VL

You don’t have to stay in any emotional state or wait for that emotional state to past.

You can use energetic clearings to lighten things up and feel better right away.

Even though you “know” you can feel better right away, sometimes that is too hard to do.  So anywhere you made yourself wrong for not instantly being able to change your emotional state. VL

You are already to take your next step. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Day 5 and what you are going to create after these 5 days.



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