Release, Remove, and Create - Day 5
Creating the Reality You Desire
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Release, Remove, and Create Your New Reality Energetic Experience

Hi and Welcome to Day 5!

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Highlights of today's video:

0:20 Releasing the past and past choices.
0:40 Clear out your creation field
1:00 Need energetic space to create.
1:30 When you can’t do something, it means there is energetic or emotional resistance.
2:00 Interact with your own creation field.
2:20 The creation field works with you to help create what you would like.
3:00 Choosing what you would like is the first step.
3:30 Choose it and then you’ll receive information about it.
3:45 State what you would like.
4:05 Take your first step.
4:35 You can create anything you would like, but you can’t create everything.
4:55 Choose one thing at a time.
5:10 Take a physical or an energetic step.
5:40 Release what’s in the way of taking your next step.
6:15 Receive the information you need for your next step.
6:30 Receiving is also energetically releasing at the same time.
7:25 All the steps you think you have to take that you don’t have to take.
7:50 You always have the capacity to take your next step.
8:05 If a step feels too hard, there is another step you can take.
8:40 What's in the way of you knowing your next step
9:00 Receiving knowledge and awareness
9:55 Any step forward creates more than you might think.
10:15 What’s the smallest step you can take?
10:30 What’s the largest step you can take today?
10:45 Take a physical step along with an energetic step.
11:15 Calling in more or you.
11:30 What more of you can you call in now? Receive
12:00 You have the tools to change and release anything.
12:15 It can take longer to do it all by yourself.
12:40 We can change and shift things faster working together.
13:00 Free 15-minute energetic chat with Max
13:25 You are strong and can create the life you would like.

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