Energetic Awareness, Empowerment and Self-Growth - Membership Program 

Receive Energetic Knowledge, Awareness and Support

Learn, grow, release, and heal

Learn New Tools

Deep energetic release and healing on new topics each week.  Learn and experience new energetic awarenesses, clearing, and healing in areas that impact energetically aware people. Help choose the topics we cover in each week. 

Your Questions Answered

What have you always wanted to know, but didn't know who you could ask? Ask any questions in any of the sessions or the specific live QA calls.  Get the answers you've always wanted and were looking for.

Your Community

Join a community of people who are like you. Being Energetically Aware can be and feel isolating, as though you are the only one that feels this way.

In this group we grow our connection together to empower ourselves and others.

Access the Energetic Creation Field

When you join live or through the replays, you'll access the energetic creation and energetic change field. Accessing the creation field automatically creates positive change even without you (seemingly) having to do anything.

Built into this Program

You are good enough, strong enough, and you can create the life you would like!

Why you aren't living it yet, isn't because of any limitation in you!
The real reason is that no one taught you (nor anyone else) what you needed to know as an energetically aware person to succeed

Enjoying your life and creating in this world just requires awareness and tools that you will learn in the Your Energetic Powers group.  

See and access your authentic strengths and capacities

You are amazing and powerful (Even though it might sometimes not feel like it) 

Understand the feelings and sensations you have.
Even ones that seem to come up from nowhere

Access your inner knowing - You know and perceive more than you think you do

Remove Limiting Beliefs

Many of us have felt out of place, not understood, or even felt that we weren't good enough.
Most of these critical thoughts and beliefs are from the past and no longer relevant
And even in the past they weren't true
Learn to catch these thoughts quickly and remove them
Step into the strong authentic you fully accessing your capacities 

Much of what you were told about how this world works is disempowering and not true
But you've heard it repeated so many times, it just seems true.
Remove the disempowering lies you've been told (and taught)
Learn how this reality really works in surprising and empowering ways

What if you learn quickly?
What if you were faster and more capable than you think?
You are!
Remove the build in limiting beliefs and blocks to easily access previously hidden strengths and energetic capacities

Your Safe, Supportive, Space

You will be fully supported

Judgment Free Space!
No matter what you have done, are going through, or might say in our sessions, you will not be judged nor put down. 
Instead, you will be acknowledged and be fully supported
Ask any and all of your questions without fear

Even if you never ask a question in class, you will feel and receive support from me and from the group

The Energetic Field Created in each class naturally and automatically creates positive change negative beliefs and past hurts can just melt away in class

See What's Inside

Your Energetic Powers Group

Weekly live energetic release, clear, shift and change energetic zoom group.  Each week we cover a new topic that will make your life easier and give you more energetic strength and your authentic confidence.

Ask your energetic questions during the live session.

Feel great after each session! (live or on the replay) You'll finish each session feeling clear, peaceful, and strong.

4+ Energetic Release, Change, Awareness and Healing Classes a Month Over a $127/monthly value

In depth portal with your weekly energetic session where you can watch/rewatch the videos, listen to the audios, read the full session transcriptions, or the in depth summery, and access additional support tools for before and after our class sessions. 
Your questions answered. Ask any of your questions and receive awareness, guidance, energetic release, and energetic healing in our group time together.
Email support for your questions or challenges that come up outside of class. 
You will be surprised how quickly and easily challenges can shift with just an email response.

Automatic access to any new course or class I teach - $1670 yearly value.
Archive to of past class videos/audios/and notes 
Each month you are in the group, you unlock access to 4 more previous classes.
You will build a great library of energetic information, resources and have all the tools you need to move though or change any challenge or situation.  Additional $127/monthly value

20% off my courses, classes, energetic change audios or even private sessions  $50-200 value

Access Your Class Portal Pages
For All the Resources You Need

For Before, During, and After Class

Below is a Sample of One of the Sessions You will See
in Your Membership Portal

Watch class videos right in the portal or on YouTube
Downloadable Mp3 so you can listen on the go
Class Transcript
Detailed Class Summary - Check it out below
So, you can quickly review what was covered and cleared in class
Repeat any energetic clearings and releasings that had strong reads for you.  Doing energetic release multiple times can have an even more profound effect.

Class Summary - Removing the "Not You" from Me, Myself, and I

When we come together as a group we can see so much more, because all of our perceptions, the angles we are looking at the world allow us to see and perceive more.

Which is why you can clear and then when we come together or have a session, we can find more. It doesn’t mean anything about how good you were clearing, just that we can more easily access it together.

The clearings we use always work. And even though they always work, there might still be some more clearing to do another time.

Energetic work isn’t a onetime thing. Though we get deeper each time. It is like taking a shower. Even if you don’t get sweaty during the day, after a few days you will need to take another shower. 🙂

Everywhere energetic work feels like a chore.  Release and Let Go. Vaporize, Liquefy (VL)

What if your daily energetic practice, just makes your life easier? Is that really a chore? VL

You can modify or adjust any of these energetic releasings if that makes them work better for you. You don’t have to, because I keep updating them, but if something feels better try it.

Sometimes making a clearing slightly smaller makes it work better.
Because if there is something that isn’t ready to clear and you try to clear everything around it and there is one part that won’t change, that one part can prevent you from changing any of it. VL (Vaporize, Liquefy)

This is just 1/8 of this class's Summary!

Over a $2497 yearly Value
for only $127/month

Plus 4 Bonuses worth over $1447!

That's a value of over $3846 in the first year!
All of This for only $127/month

Bonus Built into the Group

Free Access to Any New Courses I Teach! 

 $1500+ yearly value

As a group member you are automatically included in any of my new classes or courses
If you took all four of my courses over the last year, that's a value of  $1670
3-4 new courses each year 

Bonus #1
Contributive Realites Course a $497 Value!

Does it seem as though you don't have full access to your energy or capacities?
Does it seem as though there is always extra resistance when you try to move forward?
If so, you might be in a synthetic or non-contributive reality, where you magic doesn't and can't work 
Learn how to identify and exit non-contributive realities and enter your contributive reality 
One where your magic always works,
You have access to your strength and capacities.
You can create the life you want!
Contributive Realities Course

Detailed Summaries for All Classes

Contributive Realities Summary

This is just the first part of the Summary.

Signup Bonus #2

Energetic Awareness and Support Toolkit

Includes the three most important tools for Energetic Awareness and Support

This Changes Now!  Energetic Release, Change and Clearing MP3 Audio
The (Easy) Energetic Recharge and Refresh System  
Amino Acids for Body and Mind Support

This Changes Now Adv 5.0!  The most powerful energetic release and change audio available anywhere!
Use anytime from changing a slight upset to the toughest days.
Removes energetic attacks, entities and negative energetic forces.
It's like having Max right next to you for energetic support, release and clearing anytime.
Sells separately for $67.50
The fastest daily way to supercharge your empowerment journey.
Just 2-5 minutes a day to clear out the energetic and emotional junk you as an energetically aware person just tend to pick up.
Printed handout and MP3 audios plus video instructions on all the energetic releasings. Making it easy to say the processes yourself to step into more of your authentic strength.  Use the MP3 when you are on the go, or would like more support.  
Sells separately for $197.00
Energetically Aware and Sensitive People Often Have Reduced Levels of Required Amino Acids
Supplementing with inexpensive (about 35 cents a day) amino acids can
Increase mental clarity
Increase energy
Improve mood
Reduce energetic attacks
Learn how to easily add these to your routine for optimum effectiveness 
Hint: They need to be taken at specific time and in a certain way but it's still really easy
$127 Value  -  Making this total package value $390

Signup Bonus #3

Access to 4-Specially Selected Membership Class Recordings

Access to four of the most valuable membership class recordings
Removing "the not you" hidden in what you think is you, but actually isn't
Remove this "not you" so you can find and remove limitation and self-critical thoughts 
Hint - Any repeating self-critical or limiting thoughts aren't you.
Removing Judgment (2- classes)
You will be surprised where judgments might be masquerading as something you think "just is true"
Releasing around family - Whether you have a helpful family or one that always brings you down, family can really mess with you.  Shift that, so you can have more freedom around your family
4 classes valued at $397

Fast Action Bonus #4
But Only if you Join by
Wednesday at Midnight

If you join by midnight Wednesday, you'll receive the Class

Removing the Financial Blocks that Impact Sensitive and Energetically Aware People

Most every energetically aware people has had their finances messed with or is currently having their finances messed with
Remove the constrictive built-in financial paradigms that limits your money flows
Remove the energetic forces that can hide in your bank accounts, credit cards and loans, causing money to syphon out of your accounts.
This 2-hour audio class goes deep helping you understand what's behind financial challenges and then energetically removing these energetic forces.
$125 Value
For a total value of $1447 worth of Bonuses!!!

Receive these Bonuses worth $1447 - included with your $125 setup fee  (Setup fee waived during this signup event!)


Stepping Into Your Authentic Strength, Capacities, and Magic

Energetic Release and Change Video Course

7-Part Course to help you access your authentic strength, confidence and even power
Remove the limiting beliefs that were inserted over your lifetime (or multiple lifetimes) designed to keep you feeling small and weak
Remove the belief that you can't be trusted with power
Step into your strength to create a better life first for you, and then for those around you.
Support and heal your body
Tools to move forward on days when you can barely get out of bed
Access more of your energetic and magical self!

To give you time to integrate all the new energetic tools, this $497 value program will be available to you in the second month of your membership. 

The Your Energetic Powers - Awareness, Empowerment and Group Membership Program

Join below and Receive Your Special Member Access Package

Over a $2497 yearly value for only $127/month
Plus $1447 worth of bonuses!

If you are ready, join now as today is the last day!
Membership won't be open again until mid - 2023

*$125 one time setup fee gets you (Waived during this Special) access to $1447 worth of bonuses!  

I'm so glad you are interested in joining the Your Energetic Powers Membership group.  This is an advanced and supportive group and is open only by application. To make sure it will be a good fit for you, me and our group members, all applicants are personally approved.  After you sign up and enter your credit card information below, you'll receive a welcome email or one asking for more information about you.  Your credit card information confirms your intention to join and will not be charged unless/until you are officially a member.

Membership will be opening soon.
Let me know your email below to be notified first when we open again in April 2023

your Empowerment and awareness Membership

Join the Your Energetic Powers Group as a full access member for just $127/month*

$75 one time setup fee - includes all your bonus materials

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*So, you can receive all $1447 of your bonuses right away there is a 4-month minimum commitment. Members love this group so much that 92% have been with the group since the beginning, that's over two full years. You will love being part of this group too!

By clicking the "Complete Order" button, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy as stated here.  Yes, you can cancel your monthly  membership at any time.

Your Energetic Empowerment Weekly Group Program


Join a powerful group of energetically aware and magical people like you. 

Weekly live webinars
New topics covering what all energetically aware people need to know.
Receive support, acknowledgment and encouragement as you continue on your path
Energetic awareness explained in a "logical" way so that your mind understands and helps on your awareness journey
Huge energetic change by just being in this group.  Connecting with us and connecting to the energetic change field releases old upsets, hurt, and trauma without even specifically addressing it!


Free access to all my new classes!

Automatic inclusion for any new class or course I teach.*

Contributive Realities - How to quickly exit any non-contributive reality (or energy) you can find yourself in.

*Limited offer, the free access offer is so good that you'll want to get in now.  It might not be offered again in the future.

Your Questions Answered

Is this membership better than taking one of your courses?

All the courses are great, and they create huge change.  I recommend them 100%!  If a course covers an area you know you need, do purchase and go through that course.  You will be happy you did.

If you feel that you need multiple courses and/or more ongoing support would be a contribution to you, the membership program is a great option.

We cover multiple topics, you can ask questions, and being included in the energetic change field of the group counteracts all the negativity society is constantly telling you.  Not only that, with the weekly classes you will clear more deeply and step into more of the strong and capable person you want to be.  

I'm new, what do I need to know before joining this group?

You don't need to know anything more than you are ready to learn more about your energetic awareness.

The topics we cover address areas that often are brand new to everyone.  So you will be learning this new along with everyone else.  

I've also found that explaining topics starting from a basic level and then going into more advanced levels, allows beginners to easily understand and gives more experienced energetically aware people deeper awareness and understanding.

You'll have access to several introductory videos where you will learn the foundation of this energetic work.

Are all your courses free with membership?

Any New Course or Class I teach will be free for you! Provided you join the month before the class starts.

Previous courses and classes I've taught are available for purchase on my website.

To allow for this amazing bonus, the weekly membership class is transformed (temporarily) into any new course for that week.  But you will always receive extra support or even can ask additional questions after that course has "officially" completed, in our membership events.

This Bonus is so good, I might not be able to offer it in the future.  So, get in now while you can.

Do you do private sessions?

Yes, you can find more information about private sessions on the shop page of this website, or you can message me.

Each webinar is designed to be complete so you don't need anything except being in the membership group.

Though one-on-one sessions are a great way to create quick and rapid change in any area.  They can also be helpful to figure out strange or confusing challenges or energetic issues.

I'm happy to support you to create the change you desire and that you deserve.

When and how long are the Webinars?

Webinars will be about an hour (they often run slightly longer so plan for 1:15 and about 1:30 at the longest)

They are scheduled for Thursday's at noon Pacific Time.

Find your local day and time here.  

If you can't attend live at this time, I still recommend joining as you will be energetically included during the class and by watching the replays you will receive the energetic release and change as if you were there live.

More Questions?

So you can access all the bonuses right away, there is a minimum 3-month commitmentOtherwise, I'd have to give you just one bonus a month.  And you'll want these bonuses right away!  Once you feel the support plus the knowledge and awareness this group provides, you will want to stay.  92% of people in the group have been with us since the beginning two years ago.  So you are going to love joining with us too.

If you have any additional questions, just send me an email.

You can email me here.

About Your Energetic Awareness Coach

Max Riggs

Max is an energetic awareness and empowerment coach specializing in the feelings, sensations and awarenesses sensitive people (or more accurately, energetically aware people) have.

These feelings are actually you accessing your super powers, but without training, any superpower can feel like a disempowering limitation.  

Learn more about your hidden authentic strengths and how to use them.

Limited Time Offer
The Membership Program will be only be open for a short time so we can welcome and support our new members

You'll love the warm energetic space created that welcomes and supports you. 

 Your receive supporting, nurturing, and healing energies.  Plus all the energetic tools and awareness you desire.  

Have questions on if this program is right for you?  Just send an email or message me on Facebook or Instagram.  I'm happy to chat with you. 

* To make sure this group is a nurturing, healing, peaceful and energetically supportive space not every person nor application is accepted.  Questions if this group is right for you, just message Max.

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