Release, Remove, and Create - Day 4
What's Slowing Your Forward Progress
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Release, Remove, and Create Your New Reality Energetic Experience

Hi and Welcome to Day 4!

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0:20 Releasing past upsets and emotions.
0:45 We can always lighten up an emotions with energetic work.
1:15 Judgments, beliefs are energetic and also physical weights.
1:50 Releasing judgments about past choices.
2:10 What if past choices didn’t limit you.
2:30 Release more judgments about past choices.
3:00 You always perceive energies and emotions under the surface.
3:20 If something seems harder than it should be it means energies are under the surface.
3:40 Doubting yourself? Remove that doubt.
4:15 Judgments are additional inertial slowing you
4:40 Nothing can prevent you, but they can resist you.
5:00 Use empowering words.
5:25 No, you are not stupid!
5:40 What can you do differently next time
6:15 What would you like to do?
6:45 Wanting to be rich can mess with you.
7:20 What is really important to you.
7:40 Many goals and dreams that were implanted by society.
8:00 Have you been suppressing what you want for years?
8:50 Do you still desire that goal or dream?
9:12 What do you choose to work toward?
9:30 Does this goal or dream feel good to you?
9:50 What beliefs seem to discount or prevent that goal or dream?
10:30 What energies, emotions, or beliefs are resisting you?
10:50 Worry about making a mistake.
11:45 Feeling like you have to be perfect.
12:05 It’s ok to make a mistake.
12:30 Being perfect can prevent you from moving forward.
13:00 It’s not a limitation in you, just energies to be removed.
13:51 How to go forward after this event.
14:10 Free 15-minute energetic releasing session with Max Riggs.
14:40 Your Energetic Powers Membership Weekly Group.
14:55 Energies and emotions build up in us.
15:45 Being in a group with other energetically aware people.
16:30 You are stronger than you think you are.
17:00 Seeing more of your authentic strength.
17:40 Any experience can be shifted.
18:00 Any question is ok, nothing is too weird or wrong.
18:50 Removing the not you in , me, myself, and I.
20:00 No matter where you are on your energetic journey you will be supported.
20:25 This Changes Now Energetic Releasing MP3
21:00 What is everything blocking you? Remove
21:40 You can shift any disempowering language.
22:40 Releasing disempowering language.
23:50 What preventing your calmness and peace? Remove
24:24 What energy to be calm and peaceful.

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