Release, Remove, and Create - Day 3
Removing What's in Your Way

Release, Remove, and Create Your New Reality Energetic Experience

Hi and Welcome to Day 3!

Today is about removing what's in your way now.

So, you can take your next step easily.

Here are the highlights.

0:15 Releasing the Past Releasing past choice.
0:30 Remove the belief that something is blocking you.
0:58 Shift from it’s blocking you to is resisting you.
1:15 Nothing is stronger than you!
1:40 Only a small part of any limiting belief is true.
2:00 Feeling not good enough.
2:15 Shift it to you would like to be better.
2:40 Judging yourself for not being at the level yet.
3:45 Judging yourself from not being there yet.
4:00 Judgment makes it harder to accomplish.
4:45 You have to energetically move through that judgment plus.
5:00 Most limiting beliefs aren’t your beliefs.
5:15 Picked them up from parents or other adults.
6:00 You can only change beliefs that you created.
6:15 Any beliefs you didn’t create, you can kick them out!
7:15 Never say this limitation came back.
8:00 Most likely the energies and emotions were recreated.
8:45 You interact with underlying energies and emotions in all interactions.
9:00 Remember how things don’t bother you when you come back from a relaxing vacation?
9:30 But after a few days, things can start to bother you again.
10:00 You energetic powers are a super power
10:15 Any superpower stuck on full is a limitation.
10:50 Ask your energetic awareness to turn down.
11:40 What prevents you from adjusting your awareness?
12:00 Use a physical action to help shift things energetically.
12:30 When something feels too hard, that means energies are there.
13:00 What’s in the way here? What energies or beliefs are in the way?
13:45 You can clear energies and always be.
14:15 Play Recenter and Reclaim to help step into your confidence.
14:30 Using the Awareness, Energy, and Frequency Receiving.
15:00 What awareness can you download?
15:15 What frequency can you vibrate at to help shift this?
16:00 Increase your receiving by placing your hand on your heart.

It's ok and even recommend to rewatch or listen to each day's video.

You'll be able to go deeper, release more, change more each time you watch.

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