Release, Remove, and Create - Day 2
Releasing Past and Past Choices

Release, Remove, and Create Your New Reality Energetic Experience

Hi and Welcome to Day 2!

If you haven't already do check out Day 1 as it sets the stage and will give you even more access to the energetic release and creation field created during this event.

Highlights of this video

0:20 Release past choices
0:40 Your invitation into the energetic change field
1:00 How much or how little release, change, shifts would you like.
1:26 Beliefs and thoughts are stored logically, emotionally, and energetically.
2:00 These 3 lock limiting beliefs in
2:40 Receive deeper release each time you listen
3:30 When your thoughts are challenged, sometimes you don’t hear it
3:45 Your subconscious mind then
4:05 All the changes and shifts from the first video that started – complete them.
4:30 What regrets do you have about your past choices
5:00 Releasing the judgments you made your choices
5:25 All the choices you made that you shouldn’t have made
6:00 Have you thought, you made a mistake, it is going to mess up your life.
6:30 you make mistakes, something is wrong with you.
7:00 You couldn’t have easily made a different choice in the past
7:45 All the judgment that you should have easily made another choice.
8:15 Judgment create an energetic pressure that prevents you from releasing them.
8:40 No matter what choice, you can always create more of the life you would like
9:15 Self-critical thoughts putting you down for past mistakes
9:50 You don’t allow yourself any excuses
10:15 Forgive yourself and let go
10:30 what compassion do you show a friend for making a mistake
11:00 What if you could show yourself the same kindness and compassion
11:45 You gave yourself compassion
12:20 Releasing critical thoughts about you for making any choices
12:50 no experience or choice can prevent you from
13:05 How can you use this choice or experience to become more of you
14:00 You can always become more of the person you want to be

It's ok and even recommend to rewatch or listen to each day's video.

You'll be able to go deeper, release more, change more each time you watch.

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