Your Energetic Reset - Day 3

Your Energetic Reset Day 3

If you missed any of the previous days, do watch those first.  As it sets you up for your Energetic Reset and I share the first tools so you can take your next step to creating what you desire.

What we covered:

I explain and then remove the energetic forces that resist you when you start to move forward on your path. Have you started working toward something you really want and bam!  

Emotional, Energetic, or even physical challenges start happening to you that prevents you from moving forward.  In today's video, I share what this resistance truly is, how to move through it, and even how to use this resistance to your advantage.

Day 3 Notes:

What is true for you, feels light, expansive or even relaxing.  Most recently I notice this as my body relaxing.  Like a weight being released or like I just took a deep relaxing breath.  Noticing these sensations is a way for you to energetically know if something is true for you.  

For most of us, our first introduction into the alternative nature of this reality was what we were taught from New Age Spirituality.  A lot of it made sense at the time and was helpful when we were just starting off on our path.

But how much of what New Age Spiritually told you, was true?  Or how much of that was (or still is) a contribution to you?  That can bring up some funky energies.  VL

There is truth in what they say, but often it is attached to something that isn’t true and that not true part can be very disempowering.  The true part of they say can prevent us from sensing the untruth there.  That is, unless you specifically ask a question to find it.

For anything that does not feel 100% expansive/relaxing ask, “Is this a truth with untruth or falseness here?”  Then ask, what is the false part? Notice what you feel.

One of the things we’ve been told and still are told to this day:

Life is supposed to be easy, life is supposed to be fun without any upsets.  And wouldn’t that be nice?  I would like that wouldn’t you?

While at first it seems nice and good to believe that, what that actually implies is very disempowering.  Why, because if that were true and your life has been hard, if you have had upsets, that would mean that YOU are doing something wrong.   But that is a LIE.

If things have been hard for you, if your life has been a struggle, you aren’t doing anything wrong. What actually is happening is that external forces are resisting you. (Don’t worry we will remove these later in the video) 

And for most of us, life has been hard.  It’s been much harder for all of us than we thought it should be.

The other part we are told is that if you are moving forward and it is hard or there is an obstacle in your way:

They say:  

That resistance is the Universe making sure you really want that.  (It’s still a lie, the Universe doesn’t resist you.)

They say:

That resistance means you are on the wrong path.  (Wrong you can be on the "right" path and things can be hard.)

That resistance means you are doing something wrong, you have a limiting belief or a scarcity mindset.  (Wrong)

What is actually going on:

If you can’t take that next step or there is so much resistance it feels like you are barely moving.

External energetic forces are resisting you.

Why would they do that?  You aren’t hurting anyone and it can feel like there aren’t any reasons why they would resist you.

But what if the main reason is that you are much more powerful than you think?

And that is the reason!  You are so powerful that they feel they have to resist you.

You actually have great strength and capacities no matter what you were told. 

When you move forward on your path, that makes your life better, it also makes the lives of others and it even makes the entire world a better place.

Energetic forces do not want the world to be a better place. They want it to remain just as it is.

They aren’t evil, they aren't bad, they just want something different than you want. They are similar to a company promoting their product.  The company just wants you to buy their product, even if it isn’t the best product for you.  Or even if it might be bad for you.  They just want you to buy it. And in the case of energetic forces, they just want the world to stay exactly as it is, whereas you want it to be better, more supportive, more nurturing, more creative.

If you are getting energetic resistance when moving forward, instead of meaning you are on the wrong path, it can instead prove you are moving in the right direction. Because if you weren’t going to succeed, you weren't going to be successful, the energetic forces would have no reason to resist you.

So all the places you stopped moving forward because it was too hard, you thought you were on the wrong path, but it actually was energetic forces resisting you.  Not wanting you to create the positive change your moving forward would create. Do you choose to remove all the critical judgments you made about yourself because of that?  Yes, I choose that. VL

All those energetic forces.  Remove, Destroy, Out, Out, Out, Banish, Vanquish

Do you feel quieter? Do you feel more peace after that clearing?

Sometimes at first it can feel disempowering learning about energetic forces, but I’ve found that you are always stronger than any energetic forces that tries to mess with you.

There is something about the nature of the universe that makes it so you always are stronger than they are.

I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but that is only because they use trickery and manipulation.

Making you think that they are stronger than they really are, but they never are very strong.

You are a powerful, capable person.  Just like a high performance sports car, you can go very fast, but the energetic forces trick you into going slow.  It's like that put a sticker on your speedometer which only allows you to see your speed up to 5 miles per hour.  Above that the sticker covers the dial and reads, Don’t go there, You will die if you go here, You can’t go any faster.

Does the sticker make it seem like you cannot or shouldn’t go faster than 5?  Yes, it does, but does it truly prevent anything?  No, it doesn’t.  And the resisting forces are just like that.  They seem to be strong, but they are weaker than you.  Much weaker than you.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Day 4 and what you are going to create over the next couple days.



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