Your Energetic Reset - Day 2

Your Energetic Reset Day 2

If you missed Day 1 be sure to watch that first.  As it sets you up for your Energetic Reset and I share the first tools so you can take your next step to creating what you desire.

What we covered:

What is your full capacity today?

Are you judging yourself too harshly?

1-What is your full capacity today? 

What percent of your capacities are you at today?  We usually believe that we can be 100% everyday, but we can’t.  We can be close to 100%, but on some days we might be super low - even only at 20%.

Don’t judge yourself for not being at 100%. Even the top Olympic runner in the world isn’t 100% every day.  Some days, she might not even be close to being the fastest.

Play or say energetic clearings and releasing to access more of your strength and capacities.

Adjust your “win” for the day to be more reflective of what you can accomplish.

You can always be a higher capacity than you are, but not every day can you be at 100%.

What influences your capacity for the day?

We are influenced by the energies in the energetic field, society, the people around us and what happened to us yesterday or even while we slept.  Do you have any “night jobs”, were you pulled off world?  VL

To change this and reach more of your capacities, no matter where you are starting from.  Run energetic clearing (preferably each morning) to reach more of your capacities.

Play the Recenter and Reclaim Audio to energetic clear in the background.

For extra support during the night you can use my Sleeping Better Audio.  It removes the energies that mess with us at night and stops night jobs and non-contributive off world activities.

2-Are You Judging Yourself too Harshly?

What one thing that would make today a success or a win?

What is something that actually can do, that you can accomplish today that you can feel good about?

I had a productive day yesterday, but at 4:00 I started to think it wasn’t a good day, that I should have done more.  Pause, stop, don’t go there.  

Instead remind yourself of your accomplishment(s).  I reminded myself that I accomplished what I said would make today a win. And went from starting to feel bad, to feeling good again.

What are all the success you had, yesterday or in the last year, that you aren’t fully acknowledging because you thought you should have done more?  All of that. Remove and Destroy. VL

The more pressure you put on yourself, doesn’t motivate you to accomplish it, it actually un-motivates you.

While pressure can be motivating in the short term, it fails in the long term.

So all the things that worked for motivating you in the short term, that don’t work in the long term. VL

We moved far and fast today, so if you have any questions on what I covered ask me.  Would you like more explanation on something I said?  Do you have a specific questions on what would be your next step?  Let me know under the video in our Facebook group, or reply to any of my emails.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Day 3 and what you are going to create over the next 3 days.



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