Your Energetic Reset - Day 1

Day 1 - What's in the Way

Hello and Welcome to Day One of Your Energetic Reset 

Over these 5-Days we will be clearing and removing what is blocking you from getting back on your path or even preventing you from starting on it.

To receive the benefits over these next five days, you can do as little as watch this video and/or just read this post.  And if you want to go further, faster on your path, you can easily add one or more of the small suggested steps.

So let’s go and start creating more of more of the life you would like together!

What we covered in Day 1

1-You are stronger and more capable than you might think.  We can see this in all the challenges you’ve been through.  I’ve found that any of life’s challenges actually were harder than they seemed they should be.  And if something is harder than you think it is and you move through it, doesn’t that mean you are stronger than you thought you were?  Yes it does. 😊 

2-We’ve all been told, “What is stopping you is you.” That is a lie, but it sure seems true.  What I’ve found it that the vast majority of what resists us is external thoughts, energies and energetic forces.  When you stop making you wrong, stop blaming yourself for not achieving what you would like, you can then direct your energy on what really stopping you, not using it against you.

Most of our limiting thoughts seem like they are our thoughts (because they are inside our heads after all) actually are not your thoughts.  They are a cumulation of all the critical things you were told, from others, teachers, parents, etc.  Often these have stuck with us since we were young.  All of those critical thought that aren’t truly yours (and that nearly 100% of them) Do you choose to remove and destroy all of those? Yes, I choose that. VL (Vaporize, Liquefy)

3- Every decision, everything you put off, creates a weight. With all that emotional and energetic weigh built up over your lifetime, it can make it seem impossible to even start.  

So, all the decisions, all the I’ll do that later, that aren’t a contribution to you to hold onto, remove and destroy all of those. VL

What’s one small thing you’ve been putting off that you could easily and quickly do?  It is ok for it to be super small.  Just something that you could do.  Doing that one small thing releases lots of the extra weight you’ve been carrying around.  

4-All the judgements you have about you and what you should have been able to accomplish this year. Do you choose to Remove and Destroy those?  Yes, I choose that.  VL

5-We all have been told directly or indirectly, if you judge yourself enough, if the consequences are harsh enough, then you will do it.

But the opposite is actually true. The more you judge yourself the less likely you will accomplish your goal.

The more you can feel good about doing something, the more you have success, even a small accomplishment, that motivates you even more to take your next step.

Now for creating more of the good stuff

6 – What would you like to achieve by the end of these 5-days?

If you have no idea, or that seems to far away, impossible or if you have no idea what you would like, skip down a bit.

If you already have a larger goal or dream that you are excited to achieve:

What is one small step you could take to start creating that?  To get further down the path?

What is something that if you accomplished it over these 5-days would feel really good?

If you don’t have that goal or dream or it seems impossible.

What’s one thing that would make your current life a little bit better?

What might be a small task or project that if it were done, would make things better?

It really can be something small.

7-Set up your day (every day)  for success.

What one thing can you do or complete that would make today a success?

What is one thing that if you accomplished it would make today a success?

This is something you actually can accomplish today, and its ok for it to be small 😊

8- As energetically aware people, the energies, emotions and other things under the surface influence or even impact us.  Play the Recenter and Reclaim Audio to clear out these energies that are resisting or preventing you from being the strong and capable person you are and taking your next step.

As an energetic aware people, you not only have to take a step in the physical world, you have to also take energetic steps.  Often even before you can take a physical step.

If it feels like you cannot take that next step, that just means there is something else to release, clear or remove before you can take that step.  It never, it never, is any limitation you think you might have.  It is just that there is some energetic gunk to clear out first.

We moved far and fast today, so if you have any questions on what I covered ask me.  Would you like more explanation on something I said?  Do you have a specific questions on what would be your next step?  Let me know under the video in our Facebook group, or reply to any of my emails.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Day 2 and what you are going to create over the next 4 days.



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