Day 4 in the 5-Day Energetic Detox

Day 4 of Your Easy 5-Day Energetic Detox


Removing Regrets - This is a big topic with a lot of logical, emotional, and energetic energy on it. Today you will understand more of why regrets can be so limiting and shift them so you can feel better now and remove these blocks that prevent you from creating more of a life you would like.

When you think about regrets it brings up heavy yucky energy.  Release, let go.

It is easy to think that you could have "easily" made a different choice in the past.  If it were easy, it is common and even logical that you might be judging and criticizing yourself for choices you made years ago.

But what if making a different choice in the past, would have been much, much harder to do than you think it would have been?   

There were many energies, emotions, and even physical things that were in place that would have made it super hard, or even impossible to have made a different choice in the past.  Vaporize, Liquefy

One reason you haven't been able to let go of those regrets is that you think that if only you had made a different choice your life would be perfect now or much better than it is.  Release, let go.

Thinking this can make every new upset in your life remind you of that "regret" from years ago.  Everything that brings up.  Release, let go, remove

This seems true and logical, but it is not.  You would still have challenges in your life even if every choice you made in the past was the best or even the perfect choice.  Release, let go, vaporize, liquefy.

Any judgment you have about yourself limits you. 

We've been told that judgments are helpful in creating change, but they never are!  Because they make you focus on what you don’t want, not what you do want.  

When you try to be perfect (most of us do this) that prevents you from being authentically you.  Because to be "perfect" you have to judge and put limits on what you do and even what you think.

What if it is ok to make a mistake?  Everywhere it isn't ok for you to make any mistake.  Retract, rescind, revoke and make null and void.

If you don’t feel good about being you, it's because you have judgments about yourself that aren't true, correct, or they are overly harsh.  So all the overly critical judgments, all the overly harsh judgments you have about you.  Release, let go.

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