Day 3 in the 5-Day Energetic Detox

Day 3 of Your Easy 5-Day Energetic Detox

Day 3  - Summary of Today's Video 

What is one thing that you would like to release or let go over these 5-days?
Anything preventing you from releasing that and more.  Release, release, release, let go, let go, let go, vaporize, liquefy.

Sometimes what prevents releasing upsets and pain from long ago, is when you think you might deserve it.  You might think (or something inside of you thinks) you deserve to be punished for doing that.   That isn't true.  So everywhere there is some part that tells you that you, you must hold onto that.  Release, Let go, make null and void.

What have you decided was true about you, that isn't true?  It's easy to think that if you have had a hard life, or things are a struggle, that must mean that something is wrong or broken in you.  This isn't true either!  Vaporize, liquefy  There is nothing wrong or broken in you!  Most likely is is related to the next point.

You perceive energies and emotions that common people or "muggles" can't perceive.  Without making energetic adjustments to your high levels of perceptions, your energetic awareness makes any challenge feel harder.

You can't turn off your awareness (no one can).  But you can adjust the levels.  Anything preventing you from adjusting your awareness to a more contributive level.  Remove all of that and Vaporize, Liquefy.

Awareness adjust, adjust, adjust to you and your body's advantage.

Your body might be holding onto past upsets and emotions because there wasn't a safe space for your body to release them.  Your body might also require you to give your body permission to release them.

Do you choose and will you say this out loud to your body?  "Body I give you full permission to release all the upsets and emotions that would be a contribution for us to release now."  Body, release, release,  release, those now, let go, let go, let go, vaporize, liquefy.

Everything else that you would like to release and remove today, release, release, release, vaporize, liquefy

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I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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