Day 2 in the 5-Day Energetic Detox

Day 2 of Your Easy 5-Day Energetic Detox

What are all the emotions, upsets, and energies you would like to release? All of those release, release, release, let go, let go, let go, remove, remove, remove.

What if most of your limiting beliefs, judgments, or self-critical thoughts are not actually your thoughts? 

What if they were words said to you when you were young?  Or even thoughts people had about you, or thoughts you only thought were able you?

Because you have a strong energetic awareness, you can easily pickup other people's thoughts and because you "hear" them in your head, you can think that they are your thoughts.  

So all the thoughts you thought were your thoughts, but actually are not your thoughts.  Release, let go, and/or allow those to be removed from your reality now.  Vaporize, Liquefy.

An easy way to kick out any self-critical or judgmental thoughts that come up during the day is just to say.
Out, out, out

Saying words three times activates your magic plus accesses your subconscious and the universe to help.

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