Day 1 in the 5-Day Energetic Detox

Day 1  of Your Easy 5-Day Energetic Detox

Below is a summary of this video.

You'll receive the most releasing, letting go, and detoxing by watching or listening to the video.

So watch the video first

Then use the summary note, to amplify what you changed, released, and let go in the video.

Just by opening this webpage, you are accessing the energetic releasing field.  You might even be feeling the change and lightness right now as you are starting to release and let go of old emotions and stuck energies. 

If you do, great and if not, you will as you read the rest of this email and watch the video.

If you don’t have time to watch it right now, you can receive energetic release by reading (or skimming) this summary.

But when you have time, I do recommend watch the video for the full energetic release and detox.

Day 1  Summary plus energetic release and clearing

I have and maybe you have too, considered yourself highly or overly sensitive.  I suggest you change this to "You are energy aware."

Because if you are “Sensitive” – that means you have to be impacted by the energies around you.
Being energetically aware shifts it to mean that you have a choice in how much or how little you perceive external energies and emotions.  This allows you to more easily adjust your energetic awareness down or up.

Just by reading this email, watching the replay, or attending live, you are entering our shared energetic releasing space where:

Releasing and letting go of emotions and the past is not only possible, it is promoted, encouraged and just naturally happens to your authentic advantage.  This is a safe space and a judgment-free space, for you to release anything. 
You have full choice in what you release.  Only what you would like and what you choose to release, will be released. 
The clearing I use is “do you choose to release and let this go?” If you would like that, say or think “yes” and then we will release it together.

The second part is “and/or allow this to be removed from your reality now?”  This is for when you want to release something, but you don’t quite know how to release it or maybe it is a little bit stuck.  To release this, I then add my energy to help you to release it. 

Similar to if I were helping you to lift something heavy.  I don’t do it all on my own, but I can help you by doing a lot, or even most of, the energetic heavy lifting.

In our time together we are doing some pretty deep energetic release, but we are doing it in a way that also is easy.  As if you were just putting down a heavy bag you’ve been carrying for a while.  What if you don’t need any integration time, you just feel lighter right away after releasing any energetic weights? 

What are all the emotions, upsets, and energies you would like to release? All of those release, release, release, let go, let go, let go, remove, remove, remove.

Many of your limiting beliefs, judgments, or self-critical thoughts are not actually your thoughts.  They are words said to you often when you were young. And have been stuck inside ever since.  Making it seem those were your words and thoughts because they have been there for so long.

So all the self-critical thoughts or judgments you have about yourself, that seem like your thoughts, but actually were words other people told you or even yelled at you.  Release, release, release, let go, let go, let go.
Any emotions, upsets, or past challenges that you are holding onto because you think there might be a lesson you need to learn first before releasing them.  Everything that brings up.  Release, Let go, VL BV

Most of those past experiences/challenges, over 90% of them, actually do not contain a lesson you need to learn.  Release, Let go, VL BV 

Of those 90% or more past challenges and past emotions you are holding onto because they might contain a lesson, but they actually don’t contain a lesson for you.  Do you choose to release any of those that you would like to release?  Release, let go,

What’s in your way, of you feeling good, and feeling good about being you?  All of that.  Release, let go. 

Have a great rest of your day and I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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