Release, Remove, and Create - Day 1
Creating Your Energetic Change Space

Release, Remove, and Create Your New Reality Energetic Experience

Hi and Welcome to Day 1!

I'm so glad you are here!

I would like to personally welcome you to the 

    Release the Past 

    Remove What's in Your Way

    Create Your Desired Reality Now!

5-Day Energetic Experience.

Highlights of this video

2:25 The Default reason we think when things don't work out.
2:45 Clearing out limiting beliefs
3:00 Anything that doesn’t change.
3:15 What beliefs do you have about this? What Emotions and
4:15 Removing the logic behind the beliefs and the
4:35 Remove the logical
4:54 Energetic work to
5:13 Creating the Energetic Change Space /Field
Creation Field
5:45 Like stepping into a clear mountain lake
6:30 Concern about changing too much can limit your change
6:55 You’ve been told to let past upsets go.
7:22 What logical reasons are behind this emotion.
7:37 Any should do this – prevents it from changing
8:10 You can release on any area during this event
8:40 Creating a space where you and your body are invited to release.
9:00 What have you wanted to let go of?
9:30 allow the energies to release
10:20 I’m helping you to shift it.
11:10 Removing any Judgments that you should remove something
11:30 Self-critical judgment make it harder to change what you want to change
12:00 What are you holding onto to “Learn that lesson”
12:30 we only release what is a contribution to you to release
12:50 What are you holding onto so it never happens again
13:26 Use your awareness to keep you safe, not the memory
14:00 What past experience can you now release?
14:30 What hidden beliefs might you have about that experiences?
16:10 Is an experience or trauma too large to easily release it?
16:40 Change and Shift any experience by a small bit.
17:00 That small change starts the larger release
17:30 What experiences feel too big to release
18:20 Everyone is upgraded to the live Zoom
19:40 What is everything else you would like to release, change or shift?

If you haven't already checked out the pre-event video, after you watch today's video, I recommend that you do, as it will give you more insight into what's resisted your change in the past.

In this Pre- Event Video I'll start things off with explaining, "Why is change so hard?In this video, I share the 3 reasons why it is harder than it seems like it should be. And then how to shift them so you can step into more of you.

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