Release, Remove, and Create - Pre-Event

Release, Remove, and Create Your New Reality Energetic Experience


I'm so glad you are here!

Over this week, you will be learning new information and using energetic tools you to:

    Release the Past 

    Remove Energetic and Emotional Blocks

    Create Your Desired Reality Now

You'll learn the latest information on what is actually going on behind the scenes in this reality, along with new energetic releasing and removing tools, and the steps required to create in this reality.

In this Pre- Event Video I'll start things off with explaining, "Why is change so hard?"

We've been told by motivational speakers and new age leaders that change should be easy, but it rarely is. 

In this video, I share the 3 reasons why it is harder than it seems like it should be.

And then how to shift them so you can step into more of you.

0:00 Why is change so hard?
0:43 3 things that prevent you from having the change you desire.
1:00 You create the reality you live in by your thoughts and beliefs.
1:15 If your life doesn’t excite you, you can't access your capacities.
1:35 Seeing the Hidden Internal and External Resistance
2:10 Release the Past, Remove What’s in Your Way, Create the Reality You Desire
2:40 What you believe is true you can’t change. But there is a way to change it.
3:09 What people believed they can't do, prevents them from accomplishing it.
3:50 Your decisions prevent you from moving through or beyond it.
4:13 Remove that it is 100% true, that it will always be this way. Then you can change it.
4:35 Has someone ever moved through something similar as you.
5:10 If you aren’t excited, you don’t have access to your strengths and capacities.
5:30 When were you excited about something?
6:00 Releasing the challenges you currently have.
6:15 Access more of your authentic strength and step into more of you.
6:45 Recenter and Reclaim Energetic Release Audio - Play to access more of your strength!
7:12 Internal and External Energetic Resistance
7:30 You are stronger than you thought you were!
7:54 Any task has energetic resistance that makes it seem harder.
8:20 Emotions from the past come up during your tasks.
9:00 Releasing emotions and upsets
9:20 You tap into the energies and emotions of people you will interact with.
10:00 Create Easy and Large Shifts through the Release, Remove, Create, Free Event.


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