Day Five

Can you believe it is already the final day of the 5-Day Energetic Reset plus Take Your Next Mini-Step Challenge? Don’t worry I’ve added 2 more days 🙂

These days went by fast and we covered a lot of information. 
Even if you only apply one of the topics I covered, you can take that next step on the way to being the person you came here to be.

Your Energetic Reset Day Five:

1) Life tends to be harder for energetically aware people, so use a daily practice (ideally in the morning) to clear the gunk that builds up so you can step into being YOU!

  • You have your own copy of the Quick -Power Up and Energetic Refresh audio. You can listen to it even when you are doing your other morning routines as you get ready for your day.

2) Take a step toward your goal TODAY!

  • If you push off starting off until tomorrow, you are less likely to start.
  • What step, even a very, very, small step, could you take right now? You can take that step 🙂
  • What if taking even the smallest step possible, could get you further on your path than you might think? 

3) When it feels you can’t take that step (it’s not you nor any limitation you might think you have) – there is just something else in the way. Remove that and you can easily take that next step.

  • Remove what you are picking up from other people. Vaporize Liquefy
  • Remove the energetic forces that are resisting your growth. Banish Vanquish
  • Remove dis-empowering lessons learned from previous experiences and beliefs
    • Often the most obvious reason for something negative happening to you is actually wrong.
    • If the lesson you “learned” isn’t empowering to you, most likely there was a different more empowering lesson behind it.

4) You can watch the Day 5 video and the previous videos in the Facebook Group and leave a comment.

What support and nurturing do you require to take your next step?  To create the life you would like.  Would having a place where you could receive weekly energetic support on your path be a contribution to you? 

I’m starting a low-cost way for you to receive ongoing information and support to help you speed your journey and become more of the you, you want to be.  Living the life you would like.
You can find more about that here in the Energetically Aware Community

Questions?  Comments?  Is there something preventing you from taking that next step that I could help you with?  Reply to this email and let me know.

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