Day Four

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5-Day Energetic Reset plus Take Your Next Mini-Step Challenge.

Your Energetic Reset Day Four:

1) Where have you bought from other people, other motivational speakers, or new age spiritual teachers that if your life is hard or if you don’t have the life you would like, you are doing something wrong? 

Everything that is do you choose to remove and destroy what you bought from them that isn’t to your advantage?  Yes, I choose that.  Vaporize Liquefy VL

  • Life tends to harder for energetically aware people.
  • By using energetic tools and clearing, life can become much easier for you. 🙂
  • Start with a daily practice like watching today’s video, reading this email, or listening to the Power Up and Energetic Refresh audio

2) Who is the best version of you?

  • Everywhere the best version of you is based on what other people think.  VL
  • What if the best version of you, isn’t always perfect?  VL
  • What if the best version of you isn’t that far away?
    • What if who that would be, is just more of who you already are? 

3) To become who you would like to be, or what you would like to do, there is no starting tomorrow.  Start Today. Everything that brings up, do you choose to remove and destroy that?  Yes, I choose that. VL

  • Now, starting today doesn’t require a big step, only a micro-step, of what you would like.
  • If you are binging on Netflix and eating eat cream (It could be just putting down the spoon one-bite before you normally would.)
    • This starts the process and makes taking the next step tomorrow easier.
  • Or if you meant to go for a walk today, what if you take one out of place item in your living room and put it back in place?
    • A small step today starts creating big change.

4) As adults, we often don’t get a reward for working on what we want until the very end.

  • Often the next step on our path actually has a negative feeling.
  • For example, in a job search, each step (updating a resume, searching want ads) is work and can even make you feel that you aren’t good enough.  The reward only comes at the end when you get that new job.
  • The solution, give yourself a reward for taking that next step.
    • Can be something you were already going to do (go out to eat, meet with friends)
    • Just state that this is your reward for moving toward your goal.

6) You can watch the Day 4 video and the previous videos in the Facebook Group  or leave a comment

What support and nurturing do you require to take that next step?  To create the life you would like?  Would having a place where you could receive weekly energetic support on your path be a contribution to you?  I’ll be sharing a way you can receive just that in an upcoming video.

Questions?  Comments?  Is there something stopping you from taking that next step that you would like help with?  Let me know in the FB Group, or respond to this email.

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