Day Two

Welcome to Day 2 of the 5-Day Energetic Reset plus Take Your Next Mini-Step Challenge.
(If you are just starting today and missed yesterday – scroll down to catch up on Day One)

Your Energetic Reset Day Two:

1) We started today off with a bang! By removing energetic forces that have been resisting you.  Energies that have been making it harder for you to take that next step (and what might have even made you give up before).  Everything that brought up.  Do you choose to remove and destroy all of that?  Yes,  I choose that Vaporize Liquefy.

  • And by just reading the subject line of the email that will activate all the clearings from today’s video.
    • But only if you choose for them to activate (You always have FULL choice in all of these clearings)

2) Use a daily practice to get back to you and clear any external influences. Some ways to do this: 

  • Watch today’s video, read this email, listen to the Power Up and Energetic Refresh audio or make up your own.
    • This makes your day so much easier.  And makes it easier to take that next step.
  • Don’t have time for even one of those?  No worries, just decide and state out loud that you will have a good day/night. Say this three times out loud. Or if that is too much, decide and state out loud that you will have a better day/night than you thought you would (x3).

3) What small or mini-change you would like to create over these 5-days. 

  • If you haven’t decided yet, go ahead and pick one and let me know what that is. Even just choose something easy.  Could be going for a short walk each of these 5 days, organize one corner of a room, eat veggies, say something good about yourself 3 times a day.  
  • And then what is one step, one mini or small step you will take today to move toward that? 

4) Two things are required to create any change.

  • Clear what is in the way is what usually stops us (uses energetic clearings)
  • Take that first micro step. YOU CAN DO IT! and Now let’s DO IT!  🙂

5) Watch the Day 2 video in the Facebook Group  and or leave a comment.

Questions?  Comments?  Is there something stopping you from taking that next step that you would like help with?  Let me know in the FB Group, or respond to this email.

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