Day One

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Thank you for being part of the Energetic Reset Plus Take Your Next Micro-Step Challenge.

Over these 5-Days we will be clearing and removing what is blocking you from getting back on your path or even starting on it.

To receive the benefits over these next few days, you can do as little as watch this video and/or read this post.  And if you want to go further, faster on your path, just add one or more of the suggested steps.

So let’s now go together to create more of the life you would like!

Energetic Reset Day One (Removing the Feeling of Not Good Enough)

1) Energetically clearing “Not Good Enough” or any “wrongness” for getting off track and/or not yet starting. Vaporize Liquefy!

  • As I promised, just reading the subject line of the email (in this case the bolded title above) will activate all the clearings from today’s video.
    • But only if you choose for them to activate (You always have FULL choice in all of these clearings)

2) Life is distracting and if you don’t pre-decide your path, or at least pre-decide your mood, you get pulled into what society or people around you want you to do or to feel.  And that is usually pretty disempowering.3) Listen (daily in the morning if you can) to the 5-Min Power Up and Energetic Refresh audio to clear out the gunk that built up over the last day or overnight. If you don’t yet have your copy, join the Facebook Group below and/or send me an email to request your free copy.

4) Watch the Day 1 video in the Facebook Group  and/or post any comments or questions there.

5) What would you like to change or start over the next 5 days?

  • I recommend choosing something small because when you start to see your success it helps motivate you to go for the next one.
  • Post what you are going for in the FB group (or if you aren’t on FB email me).

6) What’s a Micro-Step you can take that starts you moving you toward this?

  • A micro-step is the smallest step you could take.  For example, if your goal was to go for a walk every day, a micro-step could be as small as just putting on your walking shoes.

Let me know in the FB group (if you haven’t yet joined, just request it and I’ll approve you) or by replying to this email, what you are going to move toward and a micro-step you will take.  Or if you have any questions or would like additional support to help you succeed over these 5 days.

Questions?  Comments?  Is there something stopping you from taking that next step that you would like help with?  Let me know in the FB Group, or respond to this email.